Automated tournament reporting. Premium coverage on the big screen and the internet.
Anyone who's ever worked into the wee small hours putting together a Daily Bulletin will tell you it's a huge amount of work. Collecting results or photos and manually posting them on the web is no small undertaking either. Now there's a better way.
TournaVision is a new system that automatically creates a high-quality slide show to run continuously during your tournament on the big screen and the internet. It broadcasts your game schedule, announces winners, displays photos and reports the top 10 masterpoint leaders in each flight on a constantly updated "ticker-tape". If desired, messaging slides (announcements, reminders, etc.) can be added in.
Results come directly from the Tournament Director (or local volunteer) and photos from the photographer via a simple upload process. No massaging or Midnight Oil is required. Separate from the big screen, your slide show (plus results and photos) will be presented at and delivered to your own website in the same professional format in real-time.  Results now include
travelers and analysis,
with hands and contract info (where available).
TournaVision requires no specialized equipment or software. If your organization doesn't already own a laptop and big screen TV, they can be rented. It works on any number, size and mix of screens, is easy to use and completely automatic ... nothing to install and no set-up required (we enter your game schedule) ... simply upload results and photos between games using your web browser and enjoy the show.
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