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Bridge Club of San Antonio
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210.437.104511524 Perrin-Beitel Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78217
Penny Smith, Owner & Manager
Welcome to Bridge Club of San Antonio. Now open at 11524 Perrin-Beitel Rd. We have the best game in town, the friendliest crowd and a complimentary brunch on Sundays.
Daytime games: 12pm Monday through Saturday and 1:30pm Sunday. Evening games: 7pm Tuesday and 6pm Saturday. All games are ACBL-sanctioned and pay masterpoints. Card fees range from $7 to $9. All games on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are $7.
In July and August many of our games will be special North American Pairs qualifying games that pay big masterpoints (50% red, 50% black). Altogether, we have 26 special games in July.
Party Bridge
Party bridge is back at BCSA. It's relaxed, it's fun, it's a party every Tuesday at 10am. Our monthly tournaments are back too, starting Saturday, July 26 at 9am. Please join us!
Special Seating & Partnership
Please call the club (210.437.1045) for more information or special seating. Outstanding partnership desk service for all of our games, both duplicate AND party bridge, is available 24/7 through the Universal Partnership Desk.
Partnership Desk (BCSA)July CalendarBridge Machine
American Contract Bridge League
Sanctioned Duplicate
plus Party Bridge
Saturday, July 26
9am Party Bridge
Monthly Tournament
Saturday, July 26
6pm Open Pairs
Sunday, July 27
1:30pm Open Pairs
Complimentary Brunch
Monday, July 28
12pm Open Pairs
Tuesday, July 29
10am Party Bridge
Tuesday, July 29
12pm Open Pairs
Tuesday, July 29
7pm Open Pairs
Wednesday, July 30
12pm Open Pairs
Thursday, July 31
12pm Swiss Teams
Team Game (JF)
Friday, August 1
12pm Open Pairs
indicates special game
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