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Bridge Club of San Antonio
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210.437.104511524 Perrin-Beitel Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78217
Penny Smith, Owner & Manager
Welcome to Bridge Club of San Antonio. Now open at 11524 Perrin-Beitel Rd. We have the best game in town, the friendliest crowd and a complimentary brunch on Sundays.
We're pleased to now have Hank Eng teaching at our club.
Daytime games: 12pm Monday through Saturday and 1:30pm Sunday. Evening games: 7pm Tuesday and 6:30pm Saturday. All games are ACBL-sanctioned and pay masterpoints. Card fees range from $7 to $9. All games on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are only $7.
In August many of our games will be special North American Pairs qualifying games that pay big masterpoints (50% red, 50% black).
Party Bridge
Party bridge is back at BCSA. It's relaxed, it's fun, it's a party every Tuesday at 11am. Our monthly tournaments are back too. Please join us!
Special Seating & Partnership
Please call the club (210.437.1045) for more information or special seating. Outstanding partnership desk service for all of our games, both duplicate AND party bridge, is available 24/7 through the Universal Partnership Desk.
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American Contract Bridge League
Sanctioned Duplicate
plus Party Bridge
Thursday, July 31
12pm Swiss Teams
Team Game (JF)
Friday, August 1
12pm Open Pairs
Saturday, August 2
12pm Open Pairs
Saturday, August 2
6:30pm Open Pairs
Sunday, August 3
1:30pm Open Pairs
Complimentary Brunch
Monday, August 4
12pm Open Pairs
Tuesday, August 5
11am Party Bridge
Tuesday, August 5
12pm Open Pairs
Tuesday, August 5
7pm Open Pairs
Wednesday, August 6
12pm Open Pairs
indicates special game
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